I’m a wife and mom to 2 amazing kiddos. When I'm not building a dinosaur cage from wooden blocks or passing out the 17th snack for the day, you might find me working on my latest home DIY project, reading or cooking something new. 

Originally a nurse, I started this little business back in 2019 as a creative outlet while staying home with my son. Since then I've truly loved photographing lots of families, babies and expecting mamas.  

Hey there!

And then back in spring of 2021, I coaxed my toddler son into standing against a plain backdrop I had laying around in the garage for a moment and snapped a few pictures. Hours later, looking through the photos with my husband, we both said the same thing - “It’s just…HIM.” I will always treasure those photos from that year because they bring me right back to that time and version of my son - his laugh, his goofy smile, his eager spirit. I know we all have thousands and thousands of photos of our kids on our phones, but those images showed me what I didn’t know I was missing - simple, classic, expressive photos of my kids in whatever stage they are in.

From there I started to dream up how I could bring that same feeling to other families. I want to capture pictures of YOUR kids that make you say,

“That’s just…HER. That’s just…HIM”.

Photos that take you back to the special way your kid laughed, smiled shyly, made that one silly face, couldn’t sit still. Year after year. Because we all know, however old ours are - that babies don’t keep. 

I'm Eden.

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